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3 Sure Fire Ways to Gain Courage and Make that Career Change in 2018

Jessica Avila
Written by Jessica Avila

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“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” Milton Berle

I know many of you may feel stuck in the job or career you’re currently in and are not sure what to do. This isn’t the job you dream about but you’re afraid to make a change.

You may be scared of what the future will hold if you step out of your comfort zone. You may think there are no options for you. You may think one bad career decision will ruin your entire life!

I have one thing to say to that, build that door!

Because for most of us, opportunity doesn’t knock. Opportunity, or in this case, a new career, may not knock while you’re at home binge watching the latest Netflix series in your pyjamas. It won’t knock as you scan your social feeds for 2 hours!

To attract opportunities you need to put yourself out there. There is no quick or easy way to get there. Take that first step to create your new future.

Changing careers takes a lot of courage, effort and research. You need to know yourself, your values and what makes you happy. You need to be bold and accept uncertainty.

No one embodies this more than, Natalia. Natalia is an Assessor with the City of Edmonton. I was recently inspired by her story and thought I would share it with you. I met her last week as part of a video project I am working on for her area – Assessment and Taxation.

She came in a bit nervous as most people do when they know they’ll be on video. I put her at ease and she tells me how she immigrated from Russia. She was a medical doctor. She settled in Toronto and realized even though she had credentials from Russia they were not valid in Canada. She had to start over.

Natalia focused her time on creating a new path for herself. She obtained a Digital Photography diploma and began her career as a freelance photographer. After some time, she realized this wasn’t right for her. Something was missing. She returned to school to obtain a Paralegal diploma and her Paralegal licence. She liked the work, but again something was not personally fulfilling with this new career.

So, she followed her heart and enrolled into the Real Property Administration Diploma at Seneca College. It took 2 years but it was worth it. She applied for a position with the City of Edmonton as an Assessor and was hired! This meant a new start in an entirely new city, but she was willing to take a chance.

As I finish my session with Natalia, she smiles bravely as she tells me that starting over is very hard. I can tell she doesn’t want to paint a picture that it’s all rainbows and roses. It definitely wasn’t an easy path to take. She explored various careers and is now settled in her position as an Assessor. She looks happy and vibrant. I know she’s made the right choice. “It was worth it!” she says with a confident smile.

What was the most challenging part of making a career change for Natalia? Watch the video to find out:

Or listen to find out: 

So, what did I learn from Natalia?

  • Take a risk.
  • Be open to relocation.
  • Follow your heart.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, are you ready to build that door?

I think you are.

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Jessica Avila

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